Our Services

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Whatever your vision is, our painting services will create a space for you that goes beyond your expectations. Get in touch below.

Cabinet Painting

We specialize in painting your existing cabinets. We offer this solution to homeowners or businesses looking to upgrade or change the appearance of their kitchen, bathroom, or office cabinetry without the hassle of a full remodel. For clients who want full overlay doors or a more dramatic transformation, we offer new custom doors.

Cabinet Hardware

Update your cabinets even more with new hardware and hinges. We remove all hinges and hardware during the painting process so they are really easy to change. If you are keeping your existing doors and the new hardware doesn’t match existing holes, we will wood fill the old holes and drill new ones. There are thousands of hardware options. A few are shown below.

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Interior Painting

Signature Cabinet Painting will help you achieve your project goals; whether that’s painting your kitchen, or painting your entire house. We use the highest quality paint and we offer accurate color matching. We will work with you until we find the right color for your home or business. Years of painting experience, has given us the knowledge needed to choose the most appropriate and longest lasting products to achieve any look you can envision. Our results stand the test of time and more than likely, will exceed your expectations.

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